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New to our online grant application process?

Applying for an online grant through the Community Foundation is easy:
Step 1: Click on the link to the Online Application Portal.
Step 2: Create a New Account (first time only)
Step 3: Once you have created a user ID and Password, log onto the Online Application Portal
Step 4: Select the grant program you want to apply to and begin the application.

The online grant application consists of two main sections, each of which must be completed for your proposal to be considered.
1. Basic information pertaining to the organization submitting the application.
2. The proposal your organization is submitting for approval.

It is important for you to read and understand the grant program's guidelines before starting an application. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the online application before you begin. You may also find it helpful to prepare some of the longer answers in a word processing document and then cut and paste that text into the application. At the top of each application there is a print icon. Clicking on it will create a PDF of the applications which you can then cut and paste into a word processing document.

You will be asked to attach several documents. If these documents exist in electronic format you may attach them using the Browse button in the application. If they are not in electronic format, you may use the Fax to File feature on the upper left side of the application page. Full instructions for document and file uploads available here.

Apply with the Online Application Portal

If you have any questions regarding the grants programs or the online application process, contact Cristin McPeake.