Confidential Consultations

Members of our experienced staff are available to consult with you whenever an opportunity arises for you to meet your clients' needs through charitable giving.

We invite you to consider contacting the Community Foundation:
  • When your client wants to create a lasting legacy and fulfill philanthropic visions without the expense and restrictions of a private foundation
  • When your client is selling a closely held business or is in the process of developing a business succession plan
  • When your client wants to establish a scholarship fund
  • When your client is considering a permanent memorial in honor of someone special
  • When your client is facing a deadline to set up a Charitable Remainder Trust, but cannot decide on the charitable beneficiary
  • When your client's existing private foundation must meet their annual payout requirements at year end
  • When the founder of a private foundation passes on and the remaining family members are not inclined to carry on the work
  • When the members of a private family foundation decide that it is time for their involvement to become easier, more efficient, and more cost effective We are here to assist you, and we invite you to think of us as a Planned Giving Resource.