Investment Returns

Embedded in our strategy are deliberate philosophical decisions we have made to achieve our goal of delivering the best return on investment for our donor family and our benefactors through a diversified portfolio which incorporates income and equity investments. We are committed to prudent investment management strategies and fiscal policies that lead to long-term fund growth.

Our approach allows for freedom on investment decisions, better positioning us for superior performance. The Investment Committee meets regularly to review investment policies and strategies and to evaluate the performance of investments. Every dialogue is held in the context of our larger goal of creating a healthy, robust platform for the varied humanitarian efforts of our donors and funds.

Investment Tactics

While a donor fund is separately maintained at all times, the assets are typically combined for investment purposes into a single investment pool, thereby allowing for shared results from a collective group. The pool's portfolio is well-diversified to reduce overall risk, lower investment expense, and typically result in better returns.

In addition to our professionally managed endowment pool, we also offer a socially responsible investment pool, a premium money market fund, and certificates of deposit.

A copy of our current investment portfolio is available to fund holders upon request.

Download a copy of our Investment Policy.

Investment Results (as of December 31, 2017)

Quarter One Year Three Years
Endowment Portfolio 3.83% 14.93% 8.07%
Socially Responsible Pool 3.86% 12.54% 6.71%
Premium Money Market Pool   0.06%  0.22% 0.32%
Weighted Benchmark* 3.85%  16.41% 7.48%